Hi! Welcome to my blog. 
Before jumping to see my blog, I’d like to share with you my core values.
Anyone who is interested in my content has no reason to see my work if it hasn’t a meaning behind.
So here are my top values:
  • Curiosity: I ended up blogging because I was constantly seeking new knowledge. The more I ‘know’, the more I feel hungry for knowledge.
  • Creativity: I have always been obsessed with this one. I often imagine how creativity can suddenly go away, forever. To create, to express, to write. I can keep in touch with my inner self through these actions.
  • Fear: There are no values if you don’t count ‘negative’ ones. Fear helps me to…
    • Close moral dilemmas. Hesitating may be a sign of sensitivity, but wisdom is also about deciding.
    • Move, or not moving at all. Sometimes I don’t want to be responsible. Other times, I want to take charge of everything. Guess why?
    • Appreciate the complexity of life. Reality is more intense when you have stronger emotions around it.


 Julio Hu