My name is Julio Hu. I’m currently studying and I live in Spain.

When I was a child, my favorite place was the sofa.

It felt like the link between this world and many others.

Jumping on the sofa was the only activity I’d follow everyday.

I loved creating stories and perform there.

It hasn’t changed that much. Today, I still love the same things, in other ways.

I also believe in the power of strong causes.

Fighting for something you believe is not only about bravery, neither about a happy story.

If you truly believe in something, you will struggle beyond logic and emotion, emotional intelligence and IQ, tradition and innovation.
Because life is complex, we have to embrace darkness to create the best stories.
And here I am. Just beginning my journey.

Are you into personal development? I write about life advice and creative issues to help you in your own journey.