The Driving Impulse of the Artist

“The artist must be shaken by the naked truths that will not be comforted. This divine discontent, this disequilibrium, this state of inner tension is the source of artistic energy.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Every artist feels an urge to express a truth through an artwork. That may be why this field is always making social criticism. The main task of the artist is to surrender itself to the act of creation.
Creativity used to be a problem for artists and scientists. Nowadays, with entrepreneurial coaches, gurus, and politicians who advocate for improving ‘creativity’ and seeing it as crucial, real artists are somehow discouraged. The creative process has been transformed more in a business question than in an art-related issue.
However, what artists really feel when it’s about creativity is always enduring and cathartic, not mindfulness or inner peace. When you face the battle of creativity as your core identity, your struggles are considerable enormous. As Goethe goes again:
It seems that two qualities are necessary if a great artist is to remain creative to the end of a long life; he must on the one hand retain an abnormally keen awareness of life, he must never grow complacent, never be content with life, must always demand the impossible and when he cannot have it, must despair. The burden of the mystery must be with him day and night.
We can conclude being an artist and creative is not only a career but an attitude.

Big Dreams, Big Sacrifices

Yesterday it was the turn of La La Land: City of Stars. In spite of what I did say a couple of days ago, dreaming is for me one of the most beloved experiences we live. Even if you approach the act of dreaming in a nihilistic attitude (basic instincts), you have to recognise its power. Dreams conform our greatest potential, our highest pitfalls.

I can consider myself skeptical when it’s about chasing dreams. Notwithstanding, what I actually question is uncertainty. I have a weird relationship with ambivalence. Initially, I embrace doubts and surprises. In the other side, I hate not having closed conclusions because of my fears.

Dreaming is almost always depicted as ending its story in a happy ending, even though there may be struggles along the path. But because we humans tend to make imaginary bridges between the beginning and the end, we lose the concept of the harsh journey. And like I said, almost everywhere dreams are shown as a fairy tale which ends up happy and joyful. Of course, there are many types of dreams. Some get indeed accomplished, but the majority of them do not follow up the desires. The main problem with dreams that are not ready to be chased is about expectations. Continue reading

Mysterious, Intelligent or Romantic?

Compliments are a door between our ‘ought to be’ and our ‘to be’. At one point, we ask ourselves, have we already reached our ideal self?

When you create stuff, you either reflect your identity in that work or you forge new identities. The hard task is when you decide to do the first one. There is a struggle when the core issue is the affirmation of the identity: Who am I? Where am I going? What is my purpose? What are my deepest ends?

You do not settle these questions, and while you live, you are never totally sure whether you are being truly authentic or not. In consequence, we sometimes change (or try to) our behavior in order to be perceived as who we want to appear to others.  Continue reading

Creative Hangover

Have you ever felt this kind of hangover? A creative one? That sensation is both the worst and the most wonderful I have experienced. In the one hand, you have your creative endeavor stopped. In the other hand, however, you’ve been working inspired by your muse.

Every time I have done something creatively, my energies have begun to decrease. It is the creative hangover. It doesn’t happen only when I’m creating, but also when I think thoroughly. Reflecting on issues make me tired, and I’m always thinking.

There are terms like alcoholic and workaholic. I’d say there is another term which is ‘imaginaholic’, that is, the obsession with creativity and thinking. If you suffer from this condition, you are likely to be energized and tired of applying imagination in your life.

It is something every creative knows:

Creativity implies a constant hunger of intensity and a restlessness attitude, notwithstanding, the effects of being creative are also exhausting: you feel a creative hangover whenever you have done something creatively, which always happens.

Are You Sure About Tradition?

There is one feeling of mine, and it is the need of being contrary to others’ opinion. One of these opinions can be resumed in a word: tradition.

I’m not against tradition. I love stories. And tradition is composed by stories. But I’m against traditionalism. That is, the belief of adhering to customs and standards, instead of thinking before if you agree or not.

The most fantastic feature of stories is the individuality of them. We don’t like to hear or read one story, but many of them. If we hold ourselves to stories that do not pertain to our lives, we are losing our potential to forge unique stories.

I respect Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but I’m totally against these dates to promote happiness. Many people wait until their holidays and free time to do what they are keen to. Hey, if you want to be happy, be it now! Don’t wait for any special day to become what you’d like. Continue reading